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My Name's Andrew, I'm the founder of Xamo and joint CEO of a family of 6 based in London in the UK, it’s a pleasure to meet you!

As a family, there's little we enjoy more than hosting a good get together, so at Xamo we celebrate the art of hosting and the joy of bringing friends and family together. And what’s the key to a great get together?

A beautiful home for you and your guests!

For us, a beautiful home is not just about aesthetics; it's about creating the perfect backdrop for cherished moments with your loved ones - those laughter filled dinners and vibrant gatherings are the heartbeat of your home.

And it’s not just about being indoors, what’s better than hosting a barbecue under the stars, cuddling up on cosy outdoor furniture and keeping warm by the fire pit long after the sun’s gone down?

You’ll know as well as I do though, getting the right pieces to create a beautiful home can be a challenge. Finding the good from the bad and the ugly can become frustrating and truly time consuming, and sifting through countless plumbing, electrical and hardware goods at larger home improvement retailers just wasn’t the experience I was looking for.

At Xamo, we want to make to make the experience better, so our mission is simple:
To curate the best in home décor, furniture and lighting to ensure you find what you need to have a beautiful home, fast.

No hammers, no nails and not a 2x4 in sight, just straight forward beautiful items with a focus on style and quality.

We understand that everyone's flavour is unique so we curate designs from a wide range of top-quality suppliers to ensure you can create spaces for you, your family and your guests, that resonate with your personal style and budget.

We also take pride in our prompt and hassle-free delivery, all our products are dispatched from warehouses across the UK, allowing us to provide fast and free delivery as standard for all our customers on the UK mainland.

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